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Flexible auto transport solutions car shippingauto transport

When it comes to car shipping, one size definitely does not fit all. Sure, in most cases our standard open auto transport carrier service is perfectly fine however, there are situations when you may need or want your car shipping more expediently or where an enclosed auto transport carrier is better suited for your vehicle. Not to worry, our flexible auto transport solutions provide a level of service to meet your specific needs whatever they may be. We offer both open and enclosed auto transport service in; "Standard", "Expedient" and "Select" service coast-to-coast. If you are unsure as to which auto transport service works best for you, consult with one of our Transport Specialist at the time of your order and they can help pick a service that's just right for you.

Standard open auto transport service

Most auto transports are processed through our "Standard Open Truck" auto transport service. Your vehicle(s) will load on the next available truck.

Premium enclosed auto transport service

In some cases you may have a special vehicle or a show car you'd like to transport. If so, let us know our enclosed auto transport carrier service is exactly what you'll need. Protect your precious cargo from the outside elements while giving yourself the piece of mind that your auto is getting the extra TLC it needs.

"Expedient" auto transport service

Regardless if you're transporting your vehicle(s) via open or enclosed truck you may need us to expedite your order very quickly. No Sweat! Accelerated Logistics understands your business - that's why we specialize in tailoring our auto transport and car shipping services to meet your specific needs.

"Select" auto transport service

Sometimes even our "expedient" service is not quite fast enough for you. That's okay. When that situation arises just let us know. Because we offer a premium "Select service to help you meet an extremely tight deadline.

Our convenient on-line auto transport processing and tracking systems make it easy to do business with us…

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